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Welcome to the most exciting career opportunity on the planet!
“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”  -Ernest Hemingway
Whether you call it Bail Enforcement, Bounty Hunting, Fugitive Recovery, or Bail Bond Investigations, the business of finding and apprehending fugitives is alive and well and agents in the field have never made more money than right now! 
Since the tragic events of recent, the public is no longer tolerating the idea that their very lives are at risk from the predators that live among them.   This massive community outcry has startled our elected officials, who have responded in a manner that is causing a huge insurgence in the Bail Bond Industry.  Local law enforcement agencies are just now beginning to realize that Bail Enforcement Agents have played a vital role in the criminal justice process and the spirit of cooperation has, at once, made our work more productive and extremely lucrative.
We have so much business that we are looking for new investigators to join our team all of the time.
But, since I do not know anything about you or your experience, I am going to assume that you are starting from scratch... no experience in apprehensions, taking people into custody, skip tracing or finding work.
I would submit to you that bail enforcement is more than getting a client, finding the defendant, turning him into the local jail and getting paid, even though it will often seem that simple.  There are so many ideas, concepts and pitfalls in this business, that I do not believe that any one person will ever understand them all. 
Thus far, most books, “field manuals” and “bibles” of our industry have fallen far short of presenting even the essential knowledge required for today’s bail professional; I am not saying that, in your opinion, I will do any better, but I certainly hope to.  Don’t you think that the “bible” of bail enforcement should have at least mentioned the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act as it applies to our industry and keep you out of jail? (“Thou shalt not extradite a defendant without first affording him the due process of law.”)  Don’t worry, I assure you we will cover that.    
No manual should be substituted for EXPERIENCE. 
Instead, what I have attempted to offer you here is not just the nuts and bolts of bail enforcement, but the entire business of servicing the bail bond industry.
The absolute basic skills you must first master are skip tracing (locating your fugitive) and the safe apprehension and surrender of the defendant.
But what if you don’t know how to get started in the first place?  Those skills would be a moot point!
I will teach you how to find a mentor and get your first assignment or perhaps find employment with our firm.
Did you know that marketing and advertising are more important to creating your fortune in Fugitive Recovery and Failure to Appear Investigations than your ability to skip trace?
Absolutely, you’ll never get an assignment if potential clients don’t realize that you exist.  I include a step-by-step, detailed marketing approach and show you how and where to market and advertise your services.  I even include several copies of the exact sales letters I have used to reach the top spot in my region of the country.
While the other guys will give you skip tracing checklists and forms, most of them are either outdated or are thin and flimsy at best.  In short, I will tell you everything that the others are afraid to because I think there is plenty of room for everyone to succeed.
However, a new breed of investigator is rapidly replacing the ol’ cowboys and bounty hunters; he or she has an exceptional level of knowledge in all aspects of the bail bond business and can advise clients in everything from making better bonding decisions to legal collection methods.  The enforcer will understand how Civil Law applies to his undertakings and that reducing the exposure of liability to a bondsman is not only an ethical obligation but good customer service as well.
Yes, I mentioned ethics and customer service!  This is what your new clients will expect.   
"Scott Harrell found the answers I needed that no one else either could or would."
                                                                                                Jay W.
                                                                                                Phoenix, AZ
Be very careful if you plan to spend your money at one of the Bail Enforcement Academies being advertised on the Internet!  Some fall very short of preparing anyone to get into this profession.  There are only a couple that really make the grade and will be worth hundreds of dollars to attend. 
However, I do HIGHLY recommend that you READ as much as humanly possible from any source you can find, including books written by others.
BE CAREFUL, always double-check other people's statements and opinions, some folks do not have an accurate handle on the laws that govern what we do.  (Most investigators still think it's OK to arrest people in another state and extradite them without magistration.) Accepting what one person says could land you in jail on any number of charges- kidnapping, assault, unlawful carrying of a weapon, criminal trespass, breaking and entering, etc; not to mention the civil liability side of this coin!
This is where a trusted mentor comes in.  You can find one many different ways, but ultimately it's a question of trust; will you bug out if the apprehension gets ugly?  Will you be mindful of your appearance on behalf of this profession?  Will you keep the agent's and the defendant's safety in mind no matter what is happening?  And will you understand that you create liability for yourself, the mentor and the client through your actions?
This is where your research and information gathering becomes important. 
Get comfortable with research and learn to identify the multitude of sources of information for not only the laws in your state affecting bail action, but everything that concerns the bondsman.  Some topics to pursue on your own should include how the District or County Attorney pursues a bond forfeiture, what steps are required, what defenses are available in a bond forfeiture lawsuit, (I had a bondsman exonerated because of a little known Texas law despite the fact that we were unable to put the defendant in custody) common business practices, etc.

Your goal should be to become able to counsel your clients on more than just how to put a guy in jail, even though that will be the most important aspect of your services.  I've gotten more of my competition's clients by just being able to teach them how to make better bond writing decisions and to show them where their current investigator is jeopardizing the bonding company (back to legal liabilities). 
“Scott has an enormous amount of enthusiasm regarding all things bail related.  He possesses a rare insight and an understanding of many legal concepts exhibited by even a very few lawyers.”
                                                                                            Jane S.
                                                                                            Asst. District Attorney
You could take 2 to 3 years gathering this information or you can benefit from someone who has this information and the experience you desire.

Try some of the links on my site to get started on your own research.
If you have a desire to play cops and robbers, save yourself the aggravation… become a police officer and get it out of your system.  The bail enforcement profession has no more room for Bounty Hunters.  If your goal is to become a professional within this industry and are prepared to make the effort, 


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